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Idaho Yamas Controls - Established 1992


Idaho Yamas Controls installs and services integrated and intelligent building management systems that seamlessly combine all of your buildings energy management systems, lighting control, electrical distribution, video surveillance and access control systems.

We provide smart, comfortable, secure and energy efficient solutions for buildings, campuses, school districts and industrial facilities throughout the Intermountain West. At Idaho Yamas Controls, our mission is to provide our customers with comfort, safety and cost savings by delivering the most energy efficient, secure and effectively managed building on the planet.

Idaho Yamas Controls History


Idaho Yamas Controls was established in 1992 by LCH Control Systems (formerly Benton Controls Corporation) out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Boise office was officially established to support the installation and service of the DDC Control system at the new Hewlett Packard Campus. Many local Idaho employees were hired for the HP project and the office quickly grew to support many other customers in the region.

In 1994, LCH Controls was merged with Yamas Controls out of Sacramento California. Yamas Controls was formed in 1955 in a small San Francisco office. During 50 years in business, George Yamas built his buildings Controls Company into a $ 40 million operation with branches across the West Coast and the Carolina's.

Yamas Controls original product offering was the Barber Coleman Network 8000, which was eventually purchased by Siebe in 1987. Siebe and a British company called BTR merged in 1999 to form a company called Invensys. After several more acquisitions including Robert Shaw, Invensys was purchased by Schneider Electric and merged with TAC in 2006.

In 2007 the Idaho and Utah operations of Yamas Controls were acquired by Utah Controls, the largest independent Schneider partner in the country. The newly merged company was larger and stronger and the operations came to be known as Utah Yamas Controls and Idaho Yamas Controls.

Established in 1991, Utah Controls was an energy management company with a focus on an innovative building control system product from Control Systems International, otherwise known as CSI. Based in Dallas Texas, Control Systems International merged with TAC which quickly became a leading provider of building automation solutions. After a series of acquisitions including the purchase of Danfoss, Control Solutions and MicroSign, TAC was eventually purchased by Schneider Electric in 2003.

With their huge commitment to growth, Schneider Electric emerged as the global leader in automation and electricity management control systems. With market leading global brands such as StruxureWare, Square D, APC, Juno and many others the breadth of product offerings from Schneider Electric is unparalleled.

With the products and expertise from Yamas Controls added to the products and expertise of Utah Controls, we became one of only a few partners in country that are certified to sell, install and service all products in the Schneider Electric family.

Utah Controls has a strong focus in integrated systems technology and has been installing state of the art security and access control systems since the early 90’s. After the acquisition, the Idaho Yamas Controls office began to offer access control and video surveillance systems and has become one of the premier systems integrators in Idaho. As a systems integrator, we are able to provide our customers with seamless integrated control systems that are integrated together for an efficient and safe facility.

Our Idaho office continues to expand and some our more recent projects include the Zion’s bank tower at 8th and Main in Boise, the Portico building in Meridian, Chobani in the Twin Falls area, Saint Alphonsus Emergency Department addition, as well as many Medical office buildings throughout the State. Idaho Yamas controls continues to be involved in industry development and is looked to as an industry leader for new technologies available to improve efficiencies, performance and safety while reducing operating costs.

In October of 2012 Schneider Electric offered Utah Yamas Controls the exclusive distribution rights to Northern Nevada. We formed Nevada-Yamas Controls and took over the operations of Schneider Electric Building Systems in Northern Nevada. Through this unique series of acquisitions and mergers, Utah, Idaho and Nevada Yamas Controls have become one of Schneider Electrics only full line dealers of Building Management Systems in the World.

With complete access to CSI, I/Net, Vista, Andover Continuum, Network 8000, Invensys, I/A and of course the new flagship product StruxureWare, we can provide and install a huge variety of building management systems to our customers throughout the West.