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At Idaho Yamas Controls, we understand that providing factory level training and certification to our customers is a key to our success. As building systems become more complex and performance becomes more critical, the need for expert training grows more important to our customers. We understand that simply installing or servicing your systems is not enough and we must provide you with the knowledge and support you need to operate your facility at peak efficiency. To that end, we offer customized training programs that address your unique learning requirements.

We have been continually offering advanced education to our customers for over 20 years. With a continuing investment, our factory certified training center is always equipped with the latest products from all of our major manufacturers.

With our training center located at our corporate offices in Draper Utah, we can provide OEM level certification for your engineers and technicians at a fraction of the cost of traveling to the factory.

Courses and Instructors


All of our instructors have been factory trained and have numerous years of teaching and field experience. The training class atmosphere is very relaxed and personal. Each student will have their own workstation and control network that can be configured with a multitude of communication options. A maximum of 8 students will ensure individual instruction is received as required.

We offer a variety of courses such as, HVAC controls, Access control, CCTV systems, Networking and information systems, Graphic development and System installation. Classes cover basic and advanced programming to meet a variety of skill levels. Students will be shown proper techniques and then apply them in lab exercises. A course manual for taking notes and future reference will be included. A certificate of completion will be given to students who successfully complete the training courses.

Idaho Yamas Controls Training Center


Due to COVID-19 our classes have been temporarily placed on hold, please contact us for remote learning possibilities


StruxureWare Course 8501 - StruxureWare Operations & Configuration:

This is a 4 day course covering StruxureWare operation, configuration and programming and it is geared toward control system operators and managers. The course will include hands on training using DDC controllers, StruxureWare hardware and software and includes specific instructions on the operation of StruxureWare building management system including scheduling, trending, configuration, user management, navigation and more. As part of the course the student will follow exercises and labs for hand on learning. The course touches on control system programs including I/A, I/NET, block programming, script programming. Legacy product migration is also reviewed including I/NET and Network 8000.

This is an operators course however it touches on programming; but not deep. For more detailed programming please see course 8150.

Prerequisites: Must have excellent computer operating skills and strong background in building control systems.

Course 8501:   Price $2,200 / seat

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StruxureWare Course 9150 - Advanced Programming:

A 4 day course focused on advanced DDC control programming including function block, script and MENTA Programming. In addition, students will set up systems with existing Workplace tech and I/NET programs in the StruxureWare environment. This is hands on training using DDC controllers, hardware and StruxureWare software. Students will complete labs and exercises and learn the details of DDC control system programming.

Prerequisites: Must have excellent computer operating skills and strong background in building control systems. We highly recommend successful completion of Course 8501 or as approved by demonstrated control system programming experience.

Course 9150:   Price $2,200 / seat

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StruxureWare Course 8001 – Administration Operation:

This 2 Day course focuses on administration level operations such as user account management, navigation, trending, alarming, scheduling, web services and more. One day will be focused on specific energy saving concepts and strategies. This course is specifically designed for facility managers, energy mangers and business managers. This instruction is from a high level operators view with emphases on energy savings without compromising occupant comfort.

Prerequisites: Must have excellent computer operating skills, exposure to building control systems and a desire to save operating costs.

Course 8001:   Price $1,200 / seat

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StruxureWare Course 9020 – Graphics Design:

1 Day Graphic Design Course that focuses on the creation of scalable vector graphic page creation in the StruxureWare environment. Training will include details on the graphic library, configuring object, points and binding values.

Prerequisites: Must have excellent computer operating skills and strong background in building control systems.

Course 9020:   Price: $650 / seat.

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StruxureWare Course 8050 – I/NET DDC Control System Migration:

This is a 2.5 Day I/NET to StruxureWare Migration Course that teaches you the best way to maximize the life of your DDC controls system. Specific step by step instructions are provided to bring your existing I/NET systems into StruxureWare including all data points and existing I/NET DDC control and graphic pages. Details on specific set up, migration and implementation of I/NET migration to StruxureWare including the requirements and instructions for the step by step migration details. This course includes an overview of features and tools including configuration, Database Management, Scheduling, Graphics, Alarming and Mobile Applications.

This is a hands on training course and each student is provided with a dedicated workstation with the complete StruxureWare software package. I/NET DDC controllers are powered and online in the room and shared between workstations for actual demonstration and training. Lab’s include the configuration of the StruxureWare platform to provide simple and easy migration to your I/NET systems.

Prerequisites: Must have excellent computer operating skills, experience with I/NET DDC controls systems.

Course 8050:   Price $2,000 / seat

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Course Reservations

Please click on the course link for registration. You will be redirected to Smarter Building Technology where you can add the course to the cart. or simply call our office at 801-990-1950 to make reservations for one of our upcoming courses. Space is limited so make your reservations early. We look forward to seeing you at our next training session.

We offer a variety of courses on all of our products, if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have questions on any of our courses; please contact the training administrator at 801 990-1950.